Heat Press Applied Fashion Vinyl on Shirts and Hats

athletic name and number printing on shirts, hats and jerseys in mesa, gilbert, chandler AZ tempe

Nike, Adidas, Reebok… they're all using fashion vinyl for a lot of their t-shirts, hats and accessories these days. Fashion vinyl graphics have a nice, crisp, clean edge to them and the colors really pop! Heat press vinyl is also available in shiny and glitter finishes that just can't be accomplished in a silkscreen printing environment.

YOU LIKE BLING ON YOUR SHIRTS? Contour cut vinyl is the way to go. We have a wide variety of shiny, glitter, florescent and other specialty materials available to apply to your shirt, hat, handbag or other accessories.

NEED A FAST TURN-AROUND ON A SMALL SHIRT OR HAT ORDER? Heat press vinyl graphics offer a great way to get those small quantity orders in your hands quickly… without the added expense of costly film output and screen making required for silkscreen printing.

WHAT IF I NEED FULL-COLOR YOU ASK? Tower Media has the ability to digitally image and contour-cut heat press vinyl for your color design. You'd be surprised how many of these shirts on on the street and you just don;t know it.

ONLY NEED ONE SHIRT? You have a choice between cut vinyl, print & cut vinyl, dye sublimation and direct-to-garment printing techniques… al under one roof at Tower Media Group. 480-835-0003