Your Logo Printed on Note Pads & Sticky Notes...

Notepads remain our most popular give-away item. Our customers love them and so do their customers :)

Branded note pads are still one of our most popular marketing items. Unfortunately they can be a bit pricey when compared to smaller items like logo pens and other promotional items. We feel that it is worth the extra expense to give your customers something they will really use and with each note... they can send the image of your logo out on a journey that will hopefully lead back to you. The average  branded note pad has 35-50 sheets in it and ranges in size from 4 X 5 inches to 5 X 8 inches... and can go all the way up to full sheet size if you choose. 

Branded or printed Post-It and Sticky notes are a great way to keep your name in front of you customers too. Literally everybody uses them at both home and office.. so they are hard to beat. Click here to get an idea of the different sticky note products available from Tower Media Group. 

A Personal Note... Marketing's Best-Kept Secret!

It's true... a simple personal note or thank you card is a sales and marketing person's best kept secret. Want proof...? Okay... when was the last time you received one? What did you think about the sender when you opened it an read it?

In today's business hustle and bustle few of us take the time for personal touch communication like this anymore... and it hurts our business relationships... whether we ant to admit it or not. If you are not sending out branded, but hand-written personal notes to clients on a regular basis... you are missing out on one of the most important parts of the sales and marketing process. 

Its' a simple formula... If you like it... so will they!